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Few thoughts from earlier editions

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Few thoughts from earlier editions


 We are a decade forward since the publication of first Unity Islamic Diary. UID helped many of us to get best results out of limited time available in lifetime. UID is based on divine knowledge. The most precious wealth in the third millennium is knowledge. This is the only or one among the few resources that enhances while giving and sharing. I don’t think if there are many other precious things that we can share without a sacrifice.


Ordinary Diaries are plenty in number. UID is unique. It is the one and only Diary in the world set for a perfect and complete life time planning. The Diary gives you proper guidance for your daily life and also governance for your life-time planning.


While ordinary diaries are to be filled UID is set to be lived. With UID we know what to do to fulfill our accomplishments in a Day. None of us wanted to achieve anything less than 100%. When perfection becomes our target the perfect should be our planning. Perfect planning is possible only with perfect guidance and it comes only from the Divine light.


Five time prayers are the pillars in everyone’s life. This makes our day systematic and focused towards the ultimate. UID adds five types of planning as basic fillers for successful living. They are Daily Planning, Weekly Planning, Yearly Planning, Decade Planning and Lifetime Planning. In which “Daily, weekly and Yearly planner” is for specific planning. Decade Planner and Lifetime Planner are given for broad visualization of our complete earthly life.


Development of we the human beings is the transformation process from the state where we are to where we would like to be. It is a journey from the reality towards perfection. Almighty Allah is our Target light. Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) is our Role Model. Qur’an is the guidance. Hadiths are the explanations. This is complete in itself and there is nothing more to be added too.


We need to plan on the basis of the above guidance. Planning is required when time is a constraint. Proper planning is required when the remaining time is so much precious. Perfect planning is required when the deadline is unknown. We do not know when our action ends. The best action gives the best results for the life hereafter. Let us get the best out of the rest of our time.


Thousands are born and thousands die every day. Birth is a phenomenon to continue the human progeny. Death is inevitable for those who are born. Birth and Death are beyond human choices. Life is between birth and death. This is the only area where we have freedom of choice and control.


Man struggles for the best in life on earth. He wants comfort and pleasure. He looks for wealth, power and recognition as if everything ends on death. In Islam, death is only a break in life that leads to everlasting life and the earthly life is merely the path to it.


UID is based on 11 Principles for Successful Islamic Living authored by me. The 7th Principle; IBADATH; (24 Hours Islamic Living Habit) is expanded in to a Diary. Ordinary diaries focus only on 12 hours day-time starting in the morning. UID covers 24 hours. The day begins at sunset. Planning process that starts at the sunset gives way for the dormant qualities in us to work


While others plan their course of action we are already stepped into the mode of action.


Mankind is at a zenith of material civilization. We are living in a global world. Travel is easy, living is trendy, options are in plenty, outlets are in variety, and all information on these is instant. The global World has benefits and also problems. The tough among them is not economical, social or political. It is human behavior. Human ethics is the greatest need of the hour.


The central theme of Qur'an is human behavior. Thus it directly addresses the humanity. It is the only book which directly addresses mankind. Islam gives importance to us; the whole mankind. It guides us towards a wellbeing state; The Global Village Mahal. Since our behavior results in our being and wellbeing, Islam demands us to behave in the right manner.


The Noble Qur'an says: Verily never will Allah change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves, but when (once) Allah willeth a people's punishment, there can be no turning it back nor will they find, besides Him any to protect. (Qur'an-13:11)


Every Muslim is a part of Ummah. To see a change in Ummah, every Muslim has to change oneself first, and change should begin at the heart. Unity Islamic Diary is made for a drastic change in individuals, based on the foundation of Qur'an and Sunnah. The diary has been designed for a definite purpose, incorporating the modern scientific facts, Design- Reading - Writing - Memory - Imagination - Association - Repetition - to develop into strong habits.


Islam is an Arabic word. It has two root meanings; Submission and Peace. Together it simply means attainment of peace, during earthly life and the life hereafter, by voluntary submission to the will of Almighty Allah. The whole world is now hungry for peace.

There are specific challenges facing mankind today. Uncertainty in the financial markets made everyone alert. It made so called advanced countries to look for advancements from others. Violence and destruction from all sides are now diminished. It is no more considered as a means to solution. Climate change has emerged as a new fear. No one knows how nature reacts.


Wealth and Finance are less important than knowledge and knowhow. Proper utilization of this new economic resource rules the world today and further. Thus Planning is important. Most important has become time planning. Knowledge multiplied with Time decides the pace of your action.


Everyone looks forward to attain knowledge or obtain people of knowledge. The highest investment has turned from tangible assets to the transforming aspects. The future is in the hands of our future generations. No amount of wealth will be sufficient to make them rich enough to reach their target. They themselves have become the most precious wealth which can also be turned to be a liability and burden. It is the time invested on them makes them effective. Wrong investment choices will be as destructive as the fall of stock markets. No one can safeguard a falling tower. We should have built them in a strong foundation.


11 principles for successful islamic living  are the most important foundation for us and our future generations. It is complete and total in nature. The more you practice the perfect you become. The early you start the quicker you grow. The more you grow the highest you can reach. Target the stars and let us become higher stars glittering for the world. Unity Islamic Diary is the one and only diary of its kind. It is an invaluable gift that you can give to those whom you would like to see as shining stars.


Mind is important, It is a super instrument. Through mind we perceive anything and everything. Inquisitive and curious minds are behind every achievement. Ability to think and act is our advantage. Positive and creative thoughts bring great benefits to mankind. A misguided mind can bring destruction too. Islam demands that the mind is always connected to Almighty Allah, in a submissive state.


A powerful and effective mind always dwells in moment now. Others’ minds go away from here and now. Past is a memory. Future is an anxiety. Both do not exist now. Nothing works in past or in future. The present moment right now demands performance picture-perfect. Everyone who works well is now will enjoy its fruits. This is the key to our success. What you are today is the result of your thoughts and actions of yesterday. What you will be in future is decided by your thoughts, plans and actions of today. Yesterday was an experience and a memory. Tomorrow is an anxiety and hope. Today is the day. Now, the present moment, is all that we should relish and cherish. It reflects beyond time. Our day starts from Salath. It is to be performed in a submissive state of mind. Free from all other thoughts except what we recites and pronounces. The mind should always be alert. It should be in an enlightened state. Five times regular prayers Salath in a day is a unique benefit God has bestowed on mankind. This will build our relationship with God.


Modern knowledge gives us different types of management programs to improve performance and increase productivity. Every day we find new books and programs on management. But surprisingly, nothing equals the five timed regular prayers Salath prescribed in Islam 14 centuries ago for time management. This remains still unchallenged. When one goes into deep thinking and reflections, one realizes the benefit of five time obligatory Salath that enables human beings to live in fine tune with God and laws of the nature. The primary requirement in Islam is a strong conviction and belief in Almighty Allah. Five compulsory Salaths regulates 24 hours living meaningful and fruitful. UID is a practical guide to do this proper. It has converged Islam and Modern development (I+MD). There are many methods involved in the diary which automatically leads you in the straight and only path. Regular usage of this diary brings major changes in your life and eventually leads you to the ultimate bliss.


In Islam, today is the day of action for results of tomorrow. Past is well recorded. Thouba or repentance with the determination not to repeat is an option to recover from the misdeeds of the past. Dedicated action with a focus on Akhira is a hope and inspiration for the everlasting tomorrow. UID is intended for this purpose. Planning and Periodic Review for lifetime in general and for the decade in particular, planning for the year, planning for a week and planning for 24 hours followed by action will automatically lead us to the destination of absolute felicity and bliss. To obtain this we should act and practice what is guided in this diary. Those who had done it in the past have been benefited from it. They are fascinated on its creativity and insight. It is for you to opt for a better change now and forever, Alhamdulillah.


Hope UID is your companion for a better Islamic living. We request your prayers for us as the best acknowledgement.  Jazakallah. May Almighty Allah's blessing and mercy be showered on all of us.


Dr. C. P. Habeeb Rahman                                                                    1 January 2011

                                                                                                                  Dhul Hijjah 1432

24 hours Islamic living habit

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Asslamu Alaikkum (Peace to you)


Hope you have read the 11 principles and also about the Islamic diary. The diary is an application of 7th principle which is known as 24 hours Islamic living habit.


This is not a conventional diary. What else is this?


This diary is a planner to do things as good deeds. There are certain planning guides in the book


1. Lifetime Planner

2. Decade Planner

3. Yearly Planner

4. Weekly Planner

5. Daily Planner for 24 Hours.


What you are today is the result of your thoughts and actions of yesterday. What you will be in future is decided by your thoughts, plans and actions of today.


Yesterday was an experience and a memory.


Tomorrow is an anxiety and hope.


Today is the day of action for the result of tomorrow. In Islam, past is the events well recorded. Thouba or repentance with the determination of not repeating is an opportunity to recover from the miss deeds of the past. Dedicated actions with a focus on Akhirah are a hope and inspiration for the everlasting tomorrow.


The diary is intended for this purpose. Planning /Review for lifetime, planning for the year, planning for 24 Hours, planning for a week, and planning for the year, and planning/review for life time followed by actions will automatically lead us to the destination of absolute felicity and bliss.


But to obtain this, one must act, one must practice and one must make use of this diary. In the last few years, the diary has been distributed world wide. Almost everyone was fascinated by its creativity and deep insight. But only a few make use of it. They have been benefited for a change. A change for the best. Now and forever. Alhamdulillah.


Thousands are born and thousands die everyday. Birth is a phenomenon to continue the human progeny. Death is the opposite of birth and death is inevitable for those who are born. Our birth was not our choice, nor will our death be. Between birth and death there is life. Life is the only area where we have freedom of choice and control.


Life has no opposite. Death is only a break in life, and life continues in different form after death and continues for ever.


Man struggles for the best in life. Comfort, pleasure, wealth, power, recognition etc., He has lost himself in this struggle as if life is the only means and death is the end.


But in Islam, death is not an end but a break in life. The break that leads to everlasting life and the earthly life is merely the path to it. Mankind is lost in the illusion of earthly life as being the means and end. This has caused enormous sufferings to humanity. Reflect on the following diagram.


Understand how our short earthly life, comparing to the everlasting Akhirah life. For the eternal life, the choice and actions are right in this life and for a short period.

 Table 1

 The misery and sufferings of individual and mankind as a whole is the forget fullness of the awe inspiring reality about Akhirah. To focus on Akhirah and to do our deeds is the only solution to attain this. Every successful man would realize the though he has been successful as a future it was always living in the present moment. To attain success on a sacrificed and worked hard to deep motivation. Similarly one live now for the everlasting future (Akhirah).To focus on Akhirah and to do good deals is the only solution to attain.


A famous writer on lateral thinking, Edward De Bono says, “I have read Bible and Qur’an. The Bible says, once you become a good human being , you will do good things but Qur’an says, once you do good deeds you become a good human being.”

Please make use of this diary and develop the habit of 24-Hours Islamic Living habit through good deeds, Keep in touch with www.unitypeace.com as a constant companion that will lead you to the straight and blessed path, the only path to success .We pray to Almighty Allah for the success of this venture, may it help you reform and lead a blissful life. Ameen .We request for your prayers as the best acknowledgement. Jazakallah

                                                                                                    Dr. C.P. Habeebur Rahman


What is Success ?

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There are very many books and literature around the world on Productivity, Management skills and result oriented successful living philosophy. By application of these basic scientific principles of human interactions, it is understood that a positive result can be obtained, known as success. However, seldom we find books with similar approach on successful Islamic living.


This material is an attempt in this direction with the combination and application of the following three branches of knowledge.


Islamic Philosophy

Psychology & Medical Sciences

Management Techniques


They are condensed into eleven simple but powerful principles (capsules). A deep reflection and practical application of these will bring a new insight to one’s outlook and tremendous effect in one’s living. Ultimately this will lead to success in this world and the life hereafter.


The human race is the crown of God’s creation on earth. Man is a trustee with a special privilege. Despite man being honored with this title, his failure to understand God is a great loss to himself. This indeed is a reflection of his failure to understand the basic requirements for his own survival on planet earth.


The beauty of Islam with its lofty messages, it gives us a practical model, easy and simple to practice. The Holy Quran is the Guidance (Hudha) and the Prophetic Sunnah are its applications. A successful Islamic book should consolidate with a focus on Quranic Guidance and Prophetic Practices.

Before we begin with the Principles for Successful Islamic Living, let us try to understand some of the basics.


What is the meaning of ‘Principle’?

The dictionary gives the meaning of principle as a general truth, a basic doctrine or a tenet, a rule adopted for the basis for action, a concept manifested in natural phenomena, a primary source from which anything proceeds.


What is the meaning of ‘Islam’?

Islam simply means attaining peace by voluntary and conscious submission to the Will of God based on faith in Unity of God, practical living by Prophetic Guidance and a strict Accountability of one’s actions after death. In Islam it is important to understand that ‘Man is only a trustee of God on earth’. By himself he has nothing of his own except what God has bestowed on him. The whole universe is at man’s disposal to create the best possible civilization, by applying his intelligence based on divine guidance. If one lives and submits to the Divine Will of God one becomes a Good Muslim. A submitter.


What is the meaning of ‘Success’?

For every successful activity there are three basic factors involved to produce the desired result. They are called I + P + A = END RESULTS.

I = Idea: Idea is the foundation on which anything is built.

P = Plan: Planning is the process of making decisions on the basis of assumptions of what is likely to happen, an organized brainstorming.

A = Actions: steps and procedures for ideas and plans to realize.

End Result: The three factors carried out sequentially with commitment will produce the End results. The end result is the attainment of a desired goal termed as SUCCESS.


Success refers to a result oriented approach of human behavior. Success means progressive realization of worthy goals. Certain characteristics like deep motivation, positive approach. Ability to decide, plan and act with perseverance, determination with patience, discipline and persistence to attain the desired goal, are few of the traits found in understanding success.