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The need of the hour is peace. The entire world is searching for peace. United Nations Organization advocates peace and leaders of all nations are preaching for peace. There are prayers and gatherings for peace seen and heard as a new phenomenon everywhere in the world. What fascinates me as a practicing Muslim is the very existence of peace in the foundation of Islam

Principles of Islam are based on peace. We attain peace for ourselves by following the holy Quran as taught and practiced by prophet Mohammed (PBUH) and also help the fellowmen to attain the very same peace that we enjoy. Every Muslim looks forward and works together for the entire humanity to attain peace.

Peace is the outcome of unity. Prosperity is the output of Peace. A Muslim attains peace in unity with God. While in unity with God, he experiences himself in unity with his body, mind and spirit. Unity is filled in the ambience of his family, congregation and everywhere and everyone around him.

Attaining peace for oneself is the way to attain peace for entire humanity. How does one attain peace with oneself? It is by submission of oneself to God. Unity Peace will guide you in this regard. Time Management and Daily Planner are based on the Islamic principles for successful living. The entire application is available in Diary format printed in 7 editions so far. The Diary is unique and had won appreciations across the world.

Life of a Muslim remains same in content, spirit and performance. He has and should have only one face everywhere. His private life is not different from his public life. He is religious, truthful, modern, practical, efficient and effective without being compromising in any of his personal, religious, social and official stands or standards. Humility is an attitude one should attain. Arrogance is the enemy one should conquer. Humility comes on submission of our finite will to the infinite will of God.

This is an invitation to attain Peace. Peace for oneself, peace with fellowmen and peace to humanity embedded in unity. The application is developed in a very perfect way for your personalized use. Kindly make use of the easy to use highly advanced technological platform to make your day the best. I request you all to pray for us.

Wish you all the very best.
Dr. C. P. Habeeb Rahman

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