Eleven Principles

       A deep reflection and practical application of these will bring a new insight to one's outlook and tremendous effect in one's living. Ultimately this will lead to success both in this world and the life hereafter. By application of these basic scientific principles of human interactions, it is understood that a positive result can be obtained, known as success.

I condensed my observation into 11 principles in the light of Islamic message with comparative approach to Modern Management. This material is an attempt in this direction with the combination and application of the following three branches of knowledge-Islamic Philosophy, Psychology & Medical Sciences Management Techniques.

1Prepare yourself for a Paradigm Shift Hidayath
2Understand faith and reason are complementary and not contradictory Ilm + Iman
3Move with the Divine Light Quran
4Follow the Model of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Sunnath
5Understand Death is not the end but a break in life and end to all actions Akhirah
6Keep an Islamic Compass always within you Taqwa
724 Hours Islamic Living Habit and Lifetime Planning Ibadath
8Think Heaven for all and Hell for none Dawah
9Communicate the Truth and nothing but the Truth and look for the response Haqque
10Islamic Synergy Muvasaah
11Think and act as if you are in the battle Jihad

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